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1934 First Dinky Toys produced in the spring  
1939 As the war progressed military models and planes predominated with the whole dinky Dinky range containing over 300 different models. Military models popular during the war years
1942 With all engineering concentrating on the war effort toy manufacture was officially banned
Re-issue of prewar models 1946 Post war production began with the re-issue of prewar models like the 39 series of American saloons and the 38 series of sports cars.
1947 First new issue of models released with the introduction of the 40 series of post war saloons in a variety of bright colours New range of cars issued
Supertoys introduced 1950/60's Regular supply of new models were announced in the monthly Meccano Magazine including the larger scale Supertoy range, Guy vans and Foden lorries.
1958 Small Dinky Dublo range produced to accompany the Hornby 00 railway gauge Dublo models supported 00 gauge
1963 Takeover by Lines Bros following increasing competition from other toy manufacturers in particular Corgi
TV range introduced 1967 Model range widened to include new TV and film related items such as Thunderbirds and James Bond cars.
1971 Further decline in sales led to take over by Airfix
1979 Last Dinky catalogue was issued and the Liverpool factory closed following the manufacture of over 1000 different models

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