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1934 Production of Dinkies in Paris by Meccano France began. Most early models were English castings assembled in France but often painted different colours
Only a few original prewar models were produced Original French models included the Simca 5, Peugeot 402 and Paris Autobus. A small series of ocean liners and airplanes was also produced.
1946 After the war manufacture resumed with a series of Ford and Studebaker lorries accompanied by French family cars like the Citroen 11 CV and Peugeot 203. Post war production began
New series introduced 1950's A new series of cars and commercials was introduced together with a range of military vehicles.
1970 Meccano France moved to Calais  
1971 As in England competition from other toy makers like Solido and Tekno had increased and the last French catalogue was produced
1974-1981 A small series of cars was made in Spain by Auto-Pilen and in 1981 by Solido in France under the name of Couger. Late models were made in Spain
  In all about 600 different French Dinkies were made.  

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